Secured Communications is the leading global technology company specialising in safeguarding communications. With a proven security and technology leadership team, we are innovation leaders in providing ultra-secure, enterprise communications solutions that are trusted by businesses, public safety and counter terrorism professionals worldwide.

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Welcome to Secured Communications.

In a world with more uncertainty than ever, businesses need proven protection that will help them manage their most sensitive communications and stay in control of vital information.

They don’t need more “maybe.” They need more “absolutely” with premium state-of-the-art security that isn’t available to just anyone.

They need solutions that give them the confidence that their communications are always secure and private with the guidance to deploy it rapidly and successfully. Our solutions move at the speed businesses need and fit seamlessly into companies and organisations of any size. In short, we offer more than an enterprise security solution; we offer a partnership that will help businesses lead with certainty in an uncertain world.

  • A SaaS company

  • 30 year technology history

  • International company with offices in Reno, DC, London and Sydney

  • Executives vetted by DOJ, DHS & FEMA

  • FBI / InfraGard member

  • Vets clients to protect National Security

  • Trusted agency & corporate relationships

  • Used by counter-terrorism professionals

Meet The Global Team



“We have many mission critical customers who demand the highest level of data security across all levels of their business. By using the Mercury system we know that we will be providing them with a solution that is far more secure than the more conventional and popular communications platforms.”

Alistair Enser - CEO, Reliance High-Tech

“We need to be able to trust the technology we use to provide secure communications across the globe, be that through video conferencing, messaging or file sharing. We are impressed by what Mercury offers us. As a company, being able to have confidence that our systems are as robust as they can be against hackers and cyber-attack is paramount.”

Chris Gregg - Managing Director, Axiom International Ltd

“Secured Communications’ advanced mobile encryption solutions are essential in enabling highly secure remote collaboration, particularly in these challenging times of cyber threats and a global pandemic. Our experience in the high security sector and our NSI Gold audited security means that we can partner with Secured Communications with confidence”

Matt Edgley - Director, Teledata Ltd

“We’re using Mercury. I have to say, we’ve been using it a lot of late and it has been first class. I’m not sure what we would have done without it to be honest”

Operational Security Officer for a UK Major Enquiry