With Covid-19 creating a fundamental shift in how we work, global cyber-security company Secured Communications has recruited one of the country’s former top police officers to bolster its UK team citing that “information privacy and security has never been more critical.”

Dave Martin has been appointed to Secured Communications as Head of UK Business Strategy. He is a former Metropolitan Police Commander and held the UK national portfolio for command and control leading development of capabilities to mitigate the most serious security risks.

Dave said: “These are challenging times and we have seen that the pandemic has caused a fundamental shift in how we work, how we behave and in our patterns of digital communications and it is likely these changes will endure. We can see that information security and privacy have never been more critical.

“The continued threat of data breaches and system hacking will mean corporate and public enterprises need to mitigate these risks through stronger encryption and robust communications platforms. The comprehensive suite of solutions available in the Mercury Enterprise suite provided by Secured Communications will increase confidence and productivity by reassuring businesses that their data and communications are safe.”

Over the past six years, Dave has provided international consultancy and training programmes for both corporate clients and government agencies. These have included large scale capacity building programmes in the Middle East and Africa, working with partners to help build and sustain capability in a range of skills across the law enforcement and security sectors.

Mercury is an enterprise software suite developed by Secured Communications that allows users to communicate safely and securely. Users can host private and secure videoconference meetings, send messages, make calls and share files via a web browser or mobile device without the risk of disruptions or leaks of sensitive information. Building on the success in the US, the introduction of Mercury into UK and European markets in 2020 has helped businesses to increase productivity and minimise the risk of losses through information hacking, reputational damage and data breach.

Former UK police chief and head of counter terrorism, John Parkinson OBE, is President of the company and has led many aspects of the security features available in the product, he said:

“As we move into a different way of working the corporate world quite rightly demands confidence that the technology it relies on is safe and secure. We are delighted to welcome Dave to the team. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise and will be an asset to Secured Communications as we continue to develop and expand into new markets across the UK and Europe.”

Mercury’s ultra-secure, AES-256 encrypted video and audio-conferencing product for businesses is based on technology trusted by many corporations, law enforcement agencies and counter terrorism professionals around the world.

Unlike many other popular tech platforms, Mercury is only available to trusted professionals and companies who meet the requirements of the company’s strict vetting process. It is not available for members of the general public to download.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Secured Communications operates globally and has bases in the UK, Canada and Australia.

Published On: February 11th, 2021 / Categories: Secured Communications News /